Anonymous asked:

tell us tell uuuus please <3

itsthelesbiana answered:


So, I was a sophomore in college and was messing with this girl. 
Every time we had sex it’d always be passionately rough. 
It was something I had gotten accustomed to.
One night we had some intense ass sex…
Wake up in the morning kinda swollen and sore, the good kind of feeling.
I remember wearing leggings that day because I was swollen and sore that was the most comfortable thing I had.
I am sitting in one of my classes and rest my elbows on my thighs…then bam immediate pain. 
I start feeling on my thighs outside of my legging and there were knot type mounds on my inner thighs… I run to the bathroom and see.
There were 3 or 4 on each thigh, swollen…ugly.
I am like wtf… then I thought back.
My thighs are the most sensitive parts of my body and it kinda hurt that night but I thought nothing of it. But seeing that…it was no wonder I couldn’t close my legs…
I end up sending the pictures to her because she was in class….

Then some time later my dumb ass ends up with another hickey on the thigh that was just as painful.
Maybe because that skin is so sensitive to me that it is never a pleasurable experience…
But nah, sucking, biting and licking is all fun and games until you’re busting blood vessels and walking weird for 3 days.